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COVID-19 Updates

As we negotiate through these very trying times, we are tasked with setting our planned protocol for re-opening Northern Rail. Some things will be different and some things won't. We are required to have a plan with procedures in place for social distancing and for following Minnesota Department of Health guidelines for lodging.

So here is what has and hasn't changed.

What's the Same:

  • Rooms are cleaned and disinfected to the required standards (every surface, every time)
  • Our rooms are comfortable 
  • Campfires will be offered on Friday and Saturday evenings during the summer (seating will be limited; bring your own snacks and roasting sticks)
  • Breakfast is available though different standards are put in place - See below for more information

What's Changing:

  • Decorative pillows, bedspreads and extra throw blankets have been removed
  • An extra set of regular bed pillows have been added
  • Rooms won't be coordinated
  • Multiple night stayover service is suspended - See below for more information
  • Lobby usage is limited - See below for more information
  • All games, puzzles, books and toys have been removed
  • Staff will be masked and gloved whenever necessary, though especially during breakfast

This is all new to everyone and the guidelines are changing frequently. So hang in there and we will get through this together!

More information:

Multiple Night Stayover Service: For now we are suspending our multiple night stayover service. If you would like fresh towels please bring yours to the front desk and we will give you fresh ones. If you need your trash emptied just put the bin(s) in the hall and we will empty them. If you need anything else please ask at the front desk.

Lobby Usage: Lobby usage is limited. A table and 4 chairs have been moved into each of the three Suites.  Guests in those rooms are asked to take breakfast to your room.  There are still a few tables and chairs in the lobby spaced apart for social distancing.  If there is no seating available then please eat in your room or at the tables outside.  There may be no more than 10 people in the lobby at any time (including staff).

The movie collection is still available. Please sanitize your hands before touching the cases to make your selection. Please return the movies to the front desk for sanitizing when you are done. All of the games, puzzles, books and toys have been removed due to the difficulty of keeping them safe and sanitized. Be sure to bring your own entertainment!

Interesting fact – the American Library Association guide for books is that they should remain untouched for 7 days before being put back in circulation.

Breakfast: Breakfast will still be available but it will be very different from what it was in the past. All items are listed on an order sheet. You will select what you want and we will put it together for you (kinda like take out). The offerings will be pre-packaged and pre-prepared items like yogurt, granola bars, donuts, etc. We will have coffee, tea, milk and orange juice as well. Again, seating is limited in the lobby so you may take your breakfast to your room. Please return your tray to the front desk when you are through.