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Updates and Notifications

Winter is upon us!  The construction project on Hwy 61 is still underway and will restart in the spring.  There is a bit of a curvy detour in front of Betty's Pies.  Please slow down and watch for the turn onto Hwy 3 about 1/2 way through the construction.

Please note that we will be closed for the month of April, 2023.  We are going to get a few things done here but more importantly we will be taking a vacation and having our employees working here during that time.  

We are still offering the movie collection but the games and toys have not been put back out yet.  Sanitizing all of these things every single day is just something we don't have time (or energy) to do.  You are welcome to bring your own games and play them at the tables in the lobby.

Campfires are now in the front of the hotel and still only in the Summer on Friday and Saturday evenings.